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How to Become a Computer Hardware Engineer

Bachelor's degree

The majority of entry-level computer hardware engineers have earned their bachelor's degree in computer engineering. Some places find an electrical engineering degree suitable. Accredited computer engineering programs are vital to one's success.

Education & Training

A degree in computer science is usually acceptable; however, a bachelor's degree in computer engineering is ideal. Those majoring in computer engineering major have more emphasis on the computer science curriculum in comparison to an electrical engineering major.

Engineering programs that are accredited by ABET are preferred. Having a secure background in science and math is additionally important. Familiarity with computer programming is typically expected since hardware engineers' work with computer software. Computer science classes are a huge asset.

Certain jobs require a master's degree in computer engineering. Some individuals may obtain their MBA or master's degree in business administration. Engineers are required to participate in continuing education regularly as technology advances.

Skills and Qualities that will Help

Analytical Skills: Complex systems and equipment must be analyzed in order for computer hardware engineers to figure out the best improvements.

Creativity: Computer hardware engineers design various types of information technology services.

Critical-Thinking Skills: Assumptions need to be examined; goals need to be clarified in order to determine strengths and weaknesses and come up with solutions.

Problem-Solving Skills: Computer hardware engineers are responsible for identifying intricate issues in computer hardware. They have to evaluate solutions and develop a plan to implement these solutions.

Speaking Skills: As they commonly work in teams; these engineers need to be able to communicate with a variety of professionals and other team members who are non-technical.